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Everyone has an intuition. An inner compass. But often we lose touch with it somewhere along the way. While there is so much wisdom hidden in your own inner knowing. 


I think it's wonderful to bring women into contact with that again. Sessions with me are often a combination of talking and doing exercises. Together we investigate what is holding you back. What you need. Sometimes we use other techniques such as breathing techniques, trigger points, visualization, holistic pulsing, release bodywork, meditation, etc. But first we will look at what your needs lie.

Some women come with a very specific (obstetric) issue or dilemma. In that case, a one-off session is often enough to provide clarity and allow her to make a decision that is right for her. For others it is more of a process in which we each other several times. 



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My years of experience as a midwife ensure that I can help you formulate what your wishes and desires are, and how you can communicate these to your healthcare provider. I can give you insight into the weaknesses and strengths of certain policies and protocols. And I can put you in touch with your own feelings and wisdom. So that you make choices that are both sensible and right for you. 

Single session €80 (60 min)

3 sessions €225 (3 x 60 min)


Breath coaching

Our breath is our life. How you breathe says a lot about how you are structured as a person. We use breathing techniques to open to that which is oppressed, thus giving space to flow that has been stuck. You will feel (more) and live more fully. You come into better contact with your own wisdom and that of your body. This can be an intense process, in which I invite and support you through different techniques. 

Single session €95 (90 min)

3 sessions €270 (3 x 90 min)


When you have a child, it not only changes how you see the world, but often also your view of your own patterns and issues. Often what has always been going on is magnified, and you suddenly feel that you want to do something with it. You can't ignore it anymore, but you also don't really know where to start. And then you come to me. We talk and do exercises to see what is needed. With the aim of being a freer and more authentic person.

Single session €95 (90 min)

3 sessions €270 (3 x 90 min)


Ik ken vrijwel niemand bij wie ik zo schaamteloos mezelf durf te zijn als bij Roos. Je voelt dat ze je respecteert en ziet zoals je bent - zonder oordeel - en het beste met je voorheeft als mens en als moeder. Ze straalt rust uit. Ik durf haar alles te vragen, en mijn twijfels en angsten bespreekbaar te maken. Ik hecht enorm veel waarde aan haar kennis en advies.

Imke H

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