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More about Cradle coaching


Roos Blok (1987)

I was born and raised in Amsterdam and grew up in a loving family. After high school I worked and traveled for a while. In 2010 I started training as a midwife. A dream that came true. I enjoyed working as a midwife until I became the mother of our daughter Lena. After that, I found that 24-hour shifts and being a mother could not be combined. I also felt less and less at home in maternity care. The very things I liked most about the profession became increasingly scarce. Making contact with the parents. Real contact. Continuous loving presence during childbirth. Time.


I threw changed course and became pregnantshelf teacher at Mom & co. I enjoyed working there for many years and wrote my first online course. But after the birth of our second daughter, I started to miss providing 1-on-1 guidance. I noticed that people were still asking via email if I could do something for them. Like I didn't even want to come and talk. Doulas asked if I would like to share my vision with their clients or discussed difficult cases with me. Friends and acquaintances asked if I didn't want to be present at the birth. And so organically a coaching practice for pregnant women and mothers emerged, with occasional childbirth assistance.

In addition, I have always continued to delve into what makes us human. Personal development, therapy, family constellations, retreats, everything happened. Until I once attended a transformational breathing session. There I was so touched by the transforming power of breathing that I completely immersed myself in it and trained as a breathing coach. I couldn't believe that something as simple as breathing could trigger such major processes. I felt old pain and trauma transform into zest for life, fun, playfulness and self-confidence. 

With this personal transformation, my vision of how I wanted to live my life also changed. My husband felt the same and in 2022 we decided to change course (again). We sold our house and left for Mexico with the family for an indefinite period. That's where we live most of the year now. Between the months of May and September I can usually be found in the Netherlands or somewhere else in Europe. Appointments are usually online, but if it suits you, meeting live is also very nice. 

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